TOKYO2020: DAY 12

Day 12 at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games was full of eliminations for Algeria as athletes achieved disappointing results. Three wrestlers and two participants in open water swimming and in Kayak were eliminated.

First up was Souad Cherouati in the 10km Marathon Swimming, which took place in open waters. The Algerian finished the race in 25th and last place, but was applauded by everyone as she finished the race, including the officials and the referees.

Cherouati finished the 10 km race in 2:17.21s and it was the Brazilian Ana Marcela Cunha who took first place on the podium crossing the finish line in 1:59.30.

Greco-Roman wrestler Bachir Sid Azara who was given a second chance following his opponent’s qualification to the final, gave way for the Algerian to compete in a Repechage but he was beaten by the Serbian Zurabi Datunashvili, 5-1, thus knocking out the chance of winning a bronze medal.

In the Men’s Freestyle Wrestling, Kherbache Abdelhak (57 kg) and Fateh Benferdjallah (86 kg) were also eliminated in the round of 16, after their defeat against, respectively, Bulgarian Georgi  Vangelov (11-0) and Swiss Stefan Reichmuth (6 -2).

One Algerian wrestler remains Djahid Berrahal, he will take on the Kosovar Egzon Shala in the Men’s 125kg Freestyle Wrestling.

The last Algerian to compete was Amira Kheris in the 500m Canoe sprint but she was eliminated in the quarterfinals.

In the first round, the Algerian finished in seventh and last place with a time of 2:13.62. She then improved her time in the quarterfinals as she took sixth and last place, with 2:07.54 on the clock missing the chance to compete in the Final C.

The 22-year-old Algerian also competed in the 200m event last Monday, also finishing in seventh and last place in the quarterfinals.

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