TOKYO2020: DAY 5

Day five of the Tokyo Olympic Games was a difficult one to watch for the Algerians, as another three athletes find themselves going home.

First up was Cyclist Azzedine Lagab, who was unable to finish the Men’s Road Race on day one of the Games. However, the Algerian cyclist competed in today’s Men’s Individual Time Trials and completed the race with a time of 1:05:21.53, just over 10 minutes behind the gold medallist earning him a 36th place finish.

News later broke out that Lagab and Eritrea’s Amanuel Ghebreigzabhier suffered racist remarks from German cycling boss Patrick Moster, sports director of Germany’s cycling federation, live on German TV.  

Lagab was quick to respond on social media and received a huge amount of support from people around the world.

According to the BBC, the German cycling boss has apologised for his remarks.

The boxing event followed shortly after and first up was 20 year old Ichrak Chaib who went up against Pooja Rani, 10 years older that the Algerian, in the Women’s Middle (69-75kg) Round of 16. Despite her efforts Rani showed her experience in a comfortable 5-0 win over Chaib.  

This defeat was Algeria’s second elimination for the women boxers, after Roumaysa Boualam lost on day two.

Minutes later saw Algerian swimmer Amal Melih and Algeria’s opening ceremony flag bearer eliminated in the qualifiers of the 100-meter freestyle, after she finished the race in eighth and last place with a time of 56.65, ranking her 39th in the overall standings.

Her fellow swimming teammate Oussama Sahnoune was also eliminated early on in yesterday’s 100-meter freestyle.

Then came another defeat in the boxing as Mohammed Houmri was unable to withstand Arlen Lopes of Cuba, who is currently the world number three, and the 2015 world title holder and gold medallist in Rio 2016.

Today also marked the return of the RS:X sailing, where the Algerians Hamza Bouras and Amina Berishi were bottom of the provisional standings. The RSX competitions will continue until July 31.

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