Algeria’s Judo Team Prevail

The Algerian national judo team finished first place in the individual events of the 2019 African Senior Championships, which took place in Cape Town, South Africa.


A total of 186 judokas including 72 women representing 29 countries were present at the continental meeting, with Algeria being the highest representing country with 17 judokas, just one in front of the host country South Africa.


The national team, mixed men and women, finished the competition with a grand total of 13 medals, four gold, four silver and five bronze. North African neighbours Tunisia finished in second with four gold, one silver and three bronze. Egypt came third as they earned a total of three gold, three silver and four bronze.


Amina Belkadi (-63 kg), Kaouthar Ouallal (-78 kg), Fethi Nourine (-73 kg) and Lyes Bouyacoub (-100 kg), were the crowned champions in their respective weight classes. Hadjer Mecerem (-48 kg), Souad Bellakehal (-70 kg), Abderrahmane Benamadi (-90 kg) and Mohamed Sofiane Belrekaâ (+100 kg) earned Algeria’s four silver medals.  The bronze medals were then won by Meriem Moussa (-52 kg), Yamina Halata (-57 kg), Sonia Asselah (+78 kg), Salim Rabahi (-60 kg) and Mohamed El Mehdi Lili (+100 kg).


The remaining three judokas competing in the competition finished in fifth place, they were, Waïl Ezzine (-66 kg), Youcef Mokhtar Zellat (-81 kg) and Imène Rebiai (-57 kg). Only one Algerian judoka to be left empty-handed in these African Championships is Houd Zourdani, as he was eliminated in the group phase, in the under 66 kg category.


Algeria entered the competition with a total of 17 judokas in this competition, of which nine were men, coached by Amar Benyakhlef and eight ladies, under the guidance of coach Omar Rabahi. The main goal was to come back winning the maximum amount of medals, while trying to glean as many points as possible for the upcoming Summer Olympics, Tokyo.


Despite dominating in the individual events, the Algerian national team finished in third place in the team events of the African Championships. The Algerians shared third place with Egypt, behind Tunisia, a big winner in these team events, as Morocco took second place.


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